Speed at which information travels in the brain:

There are about 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Information travels between neurons at high speed & the slowest speed is 260 mph or 416 kmh. Axial Triradius Delta – ATD degrees reflects the brain & muscle coordination, ability in conveying and transmitting information.

All the information is transmitted through sight, hearing, smell, taste & touch to neurons and delivered to brain for analysis.

ATD Inborn Learning Sensitivity < 35: Right brain / Left brain has sharp observation powers, agile task performing ability & delicate fine movement skills. It indicates that you are very smart in your personal learning, fast in finding your learning methods & clues and have strong understanding capability.

ATD Inborn Learning Sensitivity = 35 – 40: This is within the normal physiological range of ordinary people, indicating that your Right brain / Left brain has stable & fair performance in terms of observation power, task performing ability, movement skills as well as mastering methods and clues in learning new things.

ATD Inborn Learning Sensitivity = 41 – 45: Right brain / Left brain has observation power, task performing ability & movement skills, that are suitable for step by step learning to train and enhance your stronger potentials.

ATD Inborn Learning Sensitivity > 46: Right brain / Left brain has slower response in learning and you need to be taught with more time & in more stages or steps. This indicates that you are slower in your personal learning, speech as well as eating. Your thinking process is longer & you are slightly weaker in terms of fine movement skills.