Extraversion: 30.46%

Social, impulsive, they like to be in excitement, directed towards external reality, they are lively, assertive, sensation seeking, carefree, Like to spend time with others. Like being in the company of people. Take interest in other people’s interest.

Neurotism : 34.26%

Emotionally unstable, Exaggerated or unsubstantiated fear, including objects, places, animals or even certain individuals. Impulsive or obsessive behavior, Excess fear and anxiety, Depression, Feeling of Guilt, Low self-esteem, Tension, Irrational.

Psychotism: 35.28%

Non-conformist, Tough-minded, Willing to take risks, Unconcerned about the rights and welfare of others, May engage in anti-social behavior. Can display extremely aggressive behavior in certain unfavorable situation. Can be best handle with humble and polite approach.