Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional


Realistic 17.28%

People with mechanical & athlete abilities, like working outdoor with tools and objects, prefer dealing with things rather than people.

Investigative 15.34%

People with math & Science abilities, like to work alone & solve complex problems, like dealing with ideas rather than people.

Artistic 16.26%

People with artistic ability & imagination enjoy creating original work, like dealing with ideas rather than things.

Social 17.01%

People with social skills, interested in social relationships helping others, solve problems, like dealing with people rather than things.

Enterprising 16.03%

People with leadership & speaking abilities like to be influential, interested in politics & economics, like to deal with people and ideas rather than things.

Conventional 18.07 %

People with clerical and math ability, prefer working indoors and organizing things, like to deal with words & numbers rather than people or ideas.