Left Brain Dominance: Analytical brain, more inclined towards self-aware, logical thinking, fine motor skills based activities, language & grammar and may have a hidden love towards nature. These people are generally good in academics. They have convergent thinking and can bring their energy and focus at one point. They prefer to respond to Verbal instructions. They like to solve the problems by looking at the parts of things. They are able to locate the differences in similar things easily. They are more planned and structured. Prefer multiple choice tests. They have the ability to control their feelings and emotions.

Right Brain Dominance: Creative brain, more inclined towards interpersonal skills, imagination, gross motor skills activities, music, colours, pictures, dance, art, rhythms, acting, painting, modelling, fashion, outdoor sports etc. They are generally good in extracurricular activities, primarily creative ones. They tend to throw the rules out of the window. They have divergent thinking which is full of creativity and ideas. And they are often lost in their own ideas, thoughts and world. They may be physically present, mentally absent.