Anger Management: 79.82%

Ability to manage your negative emotions.
Ability to respond rather than react.
Ability to think and do deep analysis before talking infrustrating environment/situation.
Ability to avoid what irritates you.
Ability to ignore the frustrating situation.
Ability to control your negative emotions.

Competitive Spirit: 77.19%

Hunger to be a winner at any cost.
Ability to analyze your competitors and planning accordingly.
Working on self strengths and developing them constantly
Ability to handle tough situation, accepting failures and preparing better.

Risk taking abilities: 75.49%

Ability to take high risk.
Ability to analyze the risk and taking action.
Going beyond the limits.
Ability to think beyond practicality.
Self belief.
Ability to stay strong where others give up.
Ability to challenge the odds.

Ambitious: 67.49%

Ability to set a goal.
Ability to plan and execute.
Ability to sacrifice for your goals.
Pain taking capacity.
Ability to work through setback.
Don’t have the mentality to ‘Settle-for’.
They think big and eventually achieve big.