Not knowing one’s Purpose and Passion in Life can make or break a person and the people around the person. It seems that a lot of individual’s however fail to recognize this, especially in developing countries.

Careers affect the amount of money earned and how it could be spent. They affect friendships, links, and connections as one usually establishes relationships in the area of work. Careers influence the attitudes and values of people. They determine how much time is spent at work, with family and friends, for pursuit of other interests, or for leisure activities. Likewise, they affect the kinds of institutions where they are employed, the nature of the work, the type of working environment, and the levels of responsibility one might reach. All these show how extensive the impact of careers on human beings can be. If people take the wrong career path, they may end up as broken persons.

Dermatoglyphics Analysis helps identify the type of Extra-Curricular Activities that may best suit your Child. His/her Strengths and Talents can be best maximised by choosing the right ECA to excel in.

By Knowing a Person’s Inborn Personality and Talents through Dermatoglyphics Analysis, one can help ascertain the various key stages in his/her Education and Career choices; such as Streaming, choice of Faculty in Higher Studies and Right Career Choices.

Get Ahead in Life by Knowing Oneself. Find your Purpose and Passion in Life. Choose a Career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!