TFRC is reflection of a person’s inborn learning capacity. It is commonly known as “Neocortex Brain Cell Capacity”.

The value of TFRC doesn’t directly represent a person’s intelligence (IQ), but it is an indication of an individual’s inborn learning capacity.

An individual with TFRC lower than 60 needs to be patient in his/her learning process & get sufficient stimulation & reinforcement.

An individual with TFRC 150 & above has high learning capacity and a very good short term memory.

Your Total Finger Ridge Count is :


Below 60 Type G Low Potential
60 to 100 Type F Adequate Potential
101 to 140 Type E Normal Potential
141 to 180 Type D Good Potential
181 to 200 Type C Very Good Potential
201 to 220 Type B Excellent Potential
221 & above Type A Over Active

Inborn Intelligence Potential is : Type D